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Sample Application: PHP Alternative site

Alternate site

Today, we're launching another sample application for Phalcon. This time, we wanted to create an alternative version of the PHP site powered by the C-extension framework. This is the greatest example we have done until now, implementing many of the main framework features, especially the newly added: Multilingual Support and Complex Routing.

You will find some of the main content such as news and some other sections. Note, that we have no intention that this site offer the official PHP's content is just one example that is familiar to us all.

Multilingual Support
Using the translation component recently added to Phalcon, the site offers content in English and partially in Spanish. We did not translate the whole site to Spanish, but we believe that it is enough of a sample to understand the translation concepts. In the page footer is possible to change the current language:

Alternate site

Complex Routing
Helping to improve the website SEO, we added some routes like, this kind of URLs are now possible thanks to the new routing system present in most frameworks.

If you've been thinking about creating a blog, or news site with Phalcon, it is possible that this application will help you so much. The code is available on github, feel free to use it in your own projects and improve it (if you have some extra time).


<3 Phalcon Team

PS: There may be some broken links or bad translations, all intentional :P